Stylish moms, their baby bumps and nothing to wear

Stylish moms, their baby bumps and nothing to wear

Pregnancy is definitely one happy and amazing period of life. But it certainly involves some complications. Even is eating problems, skin rashes, extra weight and rapid mood changes can’t frighten you. How about every woman’s most terrifying


10 stylish moms and their baby bumps

Except for the thing, that this time, you really have nothing to wear. Or at least, you need to empower yourself with some fresh ideas.

There is a common belief, that all pregnant women of the world should wear only comfy jersey stuff, they buy in their nearest maternity shop. Hate to disappoint you. I’ve been wanting to bust this myth for years now.

The thing is, that you can, actually, wear some of your pre pregnancy clothes.

Yep, it’s totally allowed, girls!

For example this long shirt. All you need is just a pair of stylish maternity leggings. The best I’ve seen so far are sold in Zara.

Jeans overalls are the thing! You won’t look clumsy. Well at least if you avoid some pink ruffle shirts. 

There is no better color than black. As Karl Lagerfeld said:

One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress

In this case, not a little black dress. But still pretty chic. Long dresses made of soft jersey, leather jacket and comfy heels – perfect combination. 

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