So long UrbanSitter! Babysitting is now FREE!

Not so long ago UrbanSitter changed the life of parents. Little did they know about the upcoming revolution in childcare. Now we can say: So long UrbanSitter! Babysitting is now FREE!

I mean, how you can even imagine, that someone would babysit your kids for FREE?

And I mean it. FOR FREE!

It’s so hard to believe. Especially if you know how much a quality child care costs today.

Here is where the Parenteam comes to save us all!

How does exactly Parenteam work?

It’s easy! Basically, it’s all that we’ve been doing for years, just simplified and modified. Parenteam makes it super simple to remember and monitor. Plus it totally eliminates the money. Which helps to remove the guilt of asking your friends for help with childcare. Isn’t it genius?

Parenteam turns parenting struggles into a fun game.

Furthermore. Imagine the situation when you move into a totally new neighborhood. You need friend for your little munchkin, don’t you?

And some fellow moms for your walks in the park and karaoke nights out.
Parenteam solves that problem too. By creating a small and friendly community of your friends and their friends and friends of their friends…

The service is really new. They launched a month ago. Let’s just give the all the support we can

And guys, we need an app!


Main photo Geoff Rothman

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