Shit happenings

Now, as we are almost about to start potty training, I’m ready share our poo&co experience.

Why nobody ever made a guide through baby’s poop, pee and spit up?

Really! Why don’t they explain this kind of basic things in the hospital for example? But they show you the video about shaken baby syndrome. That one made me cry.

For the first week of my son’s life I was terrified every minute.

To start with, his first poop was black. Yeah, now I know it’s totally normal. But, mommies, really? Why nobody tells you such things in advance?


The pee question.

Or how do you like this one? Newborn has to pee at least 8 times a day. Well, first of all, how would you count that? And second of all, what if it’s less than 8? As it was with Avi. I was scared by doctors, that he is dehydrated. Nobody told me, that buy montelukast 10 mg online for the first few days your milk supply won’t be that good and that’s why your baby (obviously) can’t get enough liquid to pee 8 times. And it’s totally ok for the first few days!

The poop question is even more complex.

Nobody warns you about how the poop will look like. Every time my son did #2 I was sure, that I ate something wrong, that makes him suffer. But few websites and hours later, I finally realized, that mustard color seedy poop is normal for breastfed little one. Oh yeah, some babies can have bowel movement as rare as once in a few days. And that’s not constipation!

Another milestone is spitting up.


source of picture

It’s kind of scary when it looks like a little fountain. But it’s considered normal if it happens up to 12 times a day. And once again, it has absolutely logical explanation. The thing is, that muscle between the stomach and the throat is immature and loose, thats why it can’t hold the pressure. And it can stay undeveloped until 12 m.o.

Though, there are a few techniques, that might come in handy to minimize spitting up.

– Keep feeding smaller and frequent, rather than bigger and seldom.

– burp your baby after every feeding!

– hold the baby upright for a while after feedings. Use gravity to help the digestion process.


And the best advice I can give you, that works in any situation, is:






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