Sex talk. Dos and don’ts

When to talk to your kids about sex, marriage and relationship?

And more important, how!

Internet is overwhelmed with advices and information on this topic. And some advices thwart one another.

To tell you the truth, I think, that there are no particular answers to these questions. Every family has it’s own way.

There are families, who prefer to avoid this topic as long as they can. They have their own convincing arguments. And there are families, who go straight to the point right from the beginning.

It’s for you to choose the strategy.

Just bear in mind, that parents are the most critical people in a child’s life and we deeply affect their sexual development. We have to remember, that the aim of this buy my xanax online dialogue should be helping your child to make sense of his/her feelings. We don’t have to educate or moralize.

So here we go.

The DOS:

– listen to your child. What he already have learned about sex

– be calm and relaxed. Don’t show any disapproving emotions

– express your feelings and leto your child do the same

– provide accurate information (though, it’s your choice. But I’d rather not tell my children, that kids grow on trees…)

– explain sexual feelings



– do not criticize

– don’t skirt the issue

– don’t compare your child to others

– don’t shame any sexual actions

– don’t laugh of your child’s feelings and actions

– don’t say that your child’s feelings and actions are bad


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