Secret parents society

Don’t really try to have the measure of mothers if you don’t have kids.

Really, you will never manage to do that if you are not the part of “secret parents society”. Only few months ago I was one of those women, who get edgy seeing mothers melting after any move their kids make. «Oh! He pooped, how sweet».

«I’ll never become one of those mothers» – I said to myself. I’ll never coddle, furiously talk up, constantly take pictures of every action and fanatically love my kid.

But. This story just had to have this «but».

My time had come.

And even if I had hell of a night or just deadly tired. When I see this slaying smile, I just can’t keep my hands off the camera. And I immediately feel a desire to tell somebody how strong is my love to the best boy in the world.

This magic changes us. And it’s not only about my attitude towards my son, it’s about everything. I can’t imagine how would I explain this changes to my former self. It’s just complitely different «parent» dimension. It’s like some kind of secret society, which you can’t lie yourself into.

I, suddenly, rediscovered those of my friends, who have children. Some kind of new connection appeared between us. Strange, huh? Nobody ever told us about this changes, right? 

They definitely should make it a part of school curricula. 

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