Secret of grandfather’s love!

I’ve mentioned fathers and grandmothers. And how pure and overwhelming their love is.

But somehow I skipped grandfathers.

Our granddad lives thousands of miles away and sees his grandson only by Skype.

But believe me, this is real LOVE!

Secret of grandfather's love!

My dad is always there for me. We had our hard times, though. He has a very tough character (mine is worse, of course).

Anyway, when we decided to leave Ukraine (that’s the place, where I was born), he accepted this decision.

We used to work at the same street and meet almost for every lunch. We discussed everything.

And then, suddenly his little girl left for good.

The day, Avi was born was the happiest day in my dad’s life.

It’s something outstanding and special about being a grandfather. Something beyond my understanding. Something that makes men become even better, better everything.

3 months after Avi was born, my parents finally came to see him for the first time.


I’ve never seen my dad so happy before. Never. I mean it!

I don’t know how it actually works. But the way my dad looks at his grandson, I can see, that this is unconditional love.

P.S. You definitely know that every woman choses The Man similar to her father, right?

That’s totally true!

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