Secret of a long calm sleep


It was in the hospital, when I first heard about white noise. One of fresh-baked mommys revealed a secret of a long calm sleep.

Everybody saw that scary movie, right?

So this idea seemed to me pretty weird and even terrifying.

I made a research. As you might have noticed, I love doing researches.

As the result, I’ve found millions of variants of explanations. So I decided to put it to the test and give it a chance.

I picked the right moment with my little mentee and turned on the app on my phone, which I forethoughtfully downloaded the day before.

The moral of this story is — I fell asleep in 10 minutes, Avi in 20.

But I have to mention, that first 5 minutes I spent waiting for the voices to appear.

We use this great technique till now. Somehow it works for me faster than for Avi.

I couldn’t stop wondering WHY it works. One of the explanations that seem quite reasonable to me, is following.

Babies, while staying in the womb, hear thousands of sounds, that our body produces. They even hear how our cardiovascular system works. And it’s quite loud, you know.

When they come into this world, it appears to be surprisingly quiet! And white noise is very similar to what they are used to hear. So it naturally comforts them. 

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