Searching for perfect diapers

Searching for perfect diapers

Babies wear diapers all the time. Thus, choosing a diaper is a very important topic.

They have to be non-toxic, hypoallergenic and comfortable. And, it appeared, that it’s not that simple, to find a diaper, that will combine all this qualities.

Our son was born in the hospital. Here in USA they usually provide certain amount of diapers and other basic stuff. So, his first diapers were Pampers. You have probably heard about baby smell. It’s, actually, Pampers smell. Some blend of artificial vanilla and cream brûlée. Very annoying. I can only imagine how harmful it actually is. I doubt they use real vanilla to fragrance the product.

perfect diapers

As soon as we put his first diaper on I desperately wanted to get rid of it.
Our next try were Huggies naturals. No annoying smell. And very nice price ($0.22ct. on Amazon), comparing to other natural diapers. And we used them until third the month. More specifically, until diaper rush started. Sure, we can’t blame it on any particular diaper brand, but we decided to try other diapers.

diapers perfect diapers
Our third attempt were Naty. They claim that these diapers are so natural, that even outer membrane liner is made of organic corn. They seem fine, but a bit bulky and quite expensive ($0.42 ct. on Amazon). Avi had no rash and he seemed to be quite comfy. We used them for 3 months before I decided to make another switch. He started to sit and crawl a lot and this bulkiness became to aggravative.

perfect diapers

And we bought The honest co. First of all they look amazing! Really stylish. That cute anchor print is fabulous. And a bit cheaper ($0.35 ct. on Boxed) than Naty.

They are chlorine free, latex free as well as Naty.

Still haven’t tried them on, but very excited! Will keep you updated.



P.S. All prices are approximate.

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