Real good idea

Encouraging kids to read can be challenging. Well, let’s be honest. With Netflix and HBO it’s kind of becoming totally impossible.

I remember myself when I was a kid. Though, we actually had not much of a choice, either a book or hanging out with friends. And in winter, which is really cold in some parts of Europe, we all preferred to stay in our cosy homes and read. I wanted to read about real adventures. The one that could have been happening to myself. The one I could believe are absolutely real. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was the book for me.

But modern children live in totally different world. It’s bigger, brighter and much more complicated. They need something that will be up to date. A story written by someone who experienced this way of growing up himself.

What if there is a book that is absolutely suitable for modern generation of kids?

I’ve recently met Quentin Holmes and his series of books for kids. Our acquaintance began with me reading his latest book “Good ideas”. What can I say. First and foremost, when you read the book, you believe it, you feel yourself a part of it, you can relate. Quentin is not just a storyteller, he is actually one of the real kids from his book. This story shows that there is no reason to wait until you get older, to make good deeds.

He goes even further. He engaged several bright energetic kids from the Watts/Willowbrook Boys & Girls club (of California) to generate an inspirational short form video.

Together they created a social network community by inventing a hashtag #GoodIdeas and encouraging children across the globe to create good ideas, participate in good ideas, and share those good ideas on social media.

Thanks Q! Your books are kind. Kindness – is something the world desperately needs right now.

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