Reading, writing, arithmetic and coding?

When I was little I wanted to become an astronaut. I’m not joking, I’m serious. I was dreaming that one day, I’ll be a part of an expedition on mars. Well, who would know, that I’ll be to old for it. And would have to be prepared since 3 yo. Than I wanted to become a biologist. That happened because, my dad told me that I would never get to an expedition on mars unless I’ll have a valuable profession. Few years later I decided to become psychologist. That happened, when I realized, that if you can control someone’s feelings, you don’t really need a profession :) Joking! I’m not

The pace of life today is so fast, that our children seem to know what they want from the very beginning.

The question is: how to help them to choose the right carrier?

Especially now, when a number or possible carriers dramatically increased. As technologies develop, new carrier possibilities pop up. Like coding. This is a whole new fast evolving world.

What if we would introduce these new possibilities to our kids starting from the very young age?

Like from kindergartners to fifth graders. You say it’s too early? But how about computers, smartphones and tablets, that our kids use every day starting from a very young age? They will continue doing it anyway, so why not make it beneficial for them?

And it’s not a new idea. It’s already been happening. Coding is still not a part of school curricula, but it’s been a part of extra curriculum activity for years already.

Recently I got aquatinted with very cool guys from appendTo. They special in redevelopment and expert-led training. Nothing special from the first sight. But what really is special, they are launching a course for children! It seems to me it’s an awesome idea. That is a possibility to transform video games hours, into basic skills, that will lead to significant job opportunities.

The team at appendTo sees the future need of a technical workforce and always encourages parents to begin building the excitement early.

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