Pregnancy miracle.

As I said before, pregnancy – is a period , when nothing normal will happen to you.

I mean it. To begin with, my hair started to grow lighter. At first I thought it’s gray hair. It was entirely possible, considering level of stress I gone through.

I tried to remain optimist whatsoever. It was when I remembered, that always dreamed about being blond. We all did in high school, right? Here we come, my dream came true. As they say – pregnancy is truly a time, when dreams come true. I’ve already mentioned a boob miracle. But this particular episode is worth mention. Who hadn’t desired to have heavenly beautiful D like Monica Belucci has? Or you are satisfied with your A, cause it’s so convenient? Or you believe that some man like it small? Or buy levitra south africa small size will never turn into bread bags? Really? What a poppywash.

Basically, I was always comfortable with my B, but deep down inside my soul I was always jealous of my busty friends. As we all know, a thought can manifest itself in the material world. And even more, I would say, every thought definitely will become real. So it was my pregnancy miracle. Or should I’d rather say bubby miracle. I obviously noticed, my boobs have changed. Especially according to my husband’s reaction. But at first I didn’t realized the scale of the tragedy in it’s truest sense. Eventually I had to face it. No more tiny transparent lace lingerie, no more Intimissimi bra. Did you know, that all bras sized D+ fall a long way short of the rest of the same brand and even same model? To start with, the price is almost twice higher. And patterns are totally different!

And one more thing. Those D sized bras are so big! Like two baby boonie hats sewn together.


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