Pokemon GO – depression remedy

I know. My first reaction was like: WTF?!

Seriously. I’m the one who is against any substitute of reality. But if it at least can make kids get out of their rooms, what the hell then!?

Pokemon Go was released just a few days ago, but it has already captured minds of millions of fans. If you were born in the 80-s than you are definitely familiar with the word. Come on! Pikachu? Does this name ring the bell?

Well, anyway.

Pokemon GO is not your regular artificial reality. Which makes the game so exceptional and (in my opinion) valuable. Instead of creating a totally new world, they just slightly alter the existing.

How does it work?

The app uses GPS as you walk around your city tracking Pokemons. When you get closer, your phone starts vibrating. The Pocket monster (yeah, that’s what stands behind Pokemon) appears on the map. Once uou touch it, the app switches to camera mode. And you can see the Pokemon standing right in front of you. It’s seriously fascinating, really.

Now here is the most important thing. In order to catch a Pokemon, you need Pokeballs.

Yeah. Here is where it gets interesting.

You get Pokeballs by checking in at Pokestops.

Pokestops are usually located at local landmarks. Outside I mean. You can see where I’m getting?

So you can’t sit all day in your room with your blinds down anymore, never even knowing what time is it. Nope. You actually have to get outside to play!

God bless their souls!




We don’t care too, Jimmy. We just hope it will live long enough.

Enough for people to start connecting with each other.

PokemonGo is a whole new level of ice breaker. It’s a scavenger hunt. Except for, it provides even the shyest of us with a shield. You kind of don’t need to search a common topic, don’t need to find words. It’s obvious. Your phone is your shield. But you can still exchange real human reactions in real human life.


Main photo credit paniekscelencja

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