Perfect soulmate.

They say it’s not easy to find a perfect soulmate. But what about being a perfect soulmate?

Let’s say you found your ultimate couple. He completes you, anticipates all your wishes and makes you happy.

What about you? Do you try to be his perfect match? Or you just think that he should love you “the way you are”? The “love me the way I am” theory is one of my favorite. So, you think that your partner is trying to please you just because it’s his uppermost desire? Har-dee-har! Or instead of going to the bar with his friend he goes to see that silly romantic film with you, because he loves these stupid romantic comedies? Har-dee-har twice!

Come on! This has nothing to do with “the way you are”.

This is all about compromise and hard work with your own ego.

Being a perfect soulmate to somebody is hard work! You will have no days off. But the prize is priceless. You’ll get someone really loving, someone caring and someone who is always there for you.

Someone, who will apologize if makes a mistake. Who will hug you, when you feel blue. Who will cheer you up, when you’re down. Who will walk with you, if you feel like walking…

I’m lucky. I’m inspired by my husband every day. He works so hard to be perfect for me. That creates inside of me the strongest desire to complete him.

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