Parenting struggles: 1-st child VS 3-rd child

Almost every parent, that has more than one child knows, that it will be some kind of difference between parenting methods we use on our first kid and all further kids. I don’t really want to say, that we kind of become more relaxed and less stressed out. Let us just consider it experience. Parenting struggles: 1-st child VS 3-rd child.

Here is a top 5 things that you will see differently as your family starts growing

1. Sleeping habits

First child:

Should we co-sleep? Or should he have his own crib already? I’m afraid I can roll over him! Or he’ll feel so lonely and abandoned in his cold bed?

Second child:

Oh we have plenty of space. We have the queen sized bed. Daddy, I think you’ll have to sleep in the kids room for a few weeks…

Third child:

Oh daddy. Since we have a king sized bed, I think you can come sleep with all of us.

2. Night 

First child:

Oh my God! The child just started crying! He needs to be fed or changed? Or he needs to be held? I have to sing him a song! OMG! Everybody WAKE UP! The child is crying!

And don’t try to object here! We all acted like this.

Second child:

Darling, I think the child is up. Should we get up too? Let’s wait a couple of minutes! May be it’s just a bad dream?

Third child:

– Honey, did the baby wake up this night?

– Oh I don’t really know. I think he just found the boob by himself.

3. Clothes

First child:

He is going to wear all the cutest outfits! All the best brands! All new and perfect! And he’s going to be spotless!

Second child:

Do you think we should buy him new pants? Or just wait for a few month until his brother outgrows his?

Third child:

Honey, wasn’t this black shirt white before? Oh never mind, it looks trendy.

4. Food

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First child:

I don’t buy pre-packed foods! I cook all by myself! Organic and fresh! And Gluten free!

Second child:

Well, we try to eat more veggies. No processed food and stuff, you know.

Third child:

Nope, he has no allergies or food restrictions. Yes, he can have pizza.

5. Hygiene

First child:

Oh no! He dropped the pacifier! We need to boil it!

Second child:

Honey, can you, please wash a pacifier in hot water?

Third child:

Oh, it’s ok! It’s been on the floor for three seconds max. Just lick it and give it back to the baby!

6. All the weird stuff you’ll only have with the first baby

Wipe warmer. With your second child you’ll just warm the wipes with your hands. With your third child you’ll just take the wipe out of the pack, put it on any warm part of your body for a few sec (I put it on my chest or neck usually) and then use it. Done!

Baby food mill. It’s totally ok to use regular food processor, you know?

Changing table. Some moms might disagree. But I haven’t actually used it for a day. So, it’s nice and cute to have it. But you can just buy a changing mat and use it.

Bassinet. Well you’ll see.

Diaper bag. It’s totally fine to use any other bag as a diaper bag. And stuff it with all kind of things. Like some of your stuff.

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