Parenting date night for dummies

Parenting date night for dummies 

Since we became parents, date night rules have been changed. No, really. 

It’s not about deciding where to go or which restaurant to pick. It’s about planning it all weeks in advance! Your babysitter has to be available, your kids have to be healthy, you have to manage to get manicure and your hairdo on time. 

And god forbid someone will be in the mood to throw a tantrum 😱 

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when you plan your date night!

1. Plan

Well, yeah. 

It’s hard to face the fact that there will be no spontaneous things in your life anymore. Except for the spontaneous pooping, vomiting and waking up in the middle of the night. 😬 

So, considering all this, plan. Try to plan.

 2. Never say no to any help

Help is priceless. Don’t reject it. If all of a sudden you second cousin is willing to babysit your over-stimulated kids, say yes! Even if you know that your house is probably going to look like 50 teenagers had a party there. You’ll deal with it later. Go and bond with your husband. You need it. Seriously.

3. Know why it’s important

Date nights are important. Period. Why? Do you remember that time, long before you became parents? You were IN LOVE! Just you. Just together. And that what created this very special family. It all started with two people becoming one. Spending time together, talking to each other, exposing each other’s worlds, creating a special space where you are united. And even though it may seem like you still are in that place, you are still interested in the same things, have same passions and share hobbies… When kids come into your world – they tend to monopolise your WHOLE world! So it is important to keep that personal space of just the two of you.

4. Explore your possibilities

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Even if it seems like impossible to get out of the house together, create that atmosphere at home. Kids go to sleep eventually, and you have a couple of hours to yourselves. Just Know that it’s possible.

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