One more potty training method

One more potty training method

Those two horrible words… Every mom had this homemade horror story at home. With poop all over the crib, carpet and sometimes even notebook (don’t ask). That’s why I’m typing from my phone right now. My MacBook became a victim of unplanned and spontaneous potty training. Well, as I assumed I’m not too good at solving this extremely hard problem, I decided to make a research.

So far, I found tons of articles and products, that claim to help to potty train your toddler once and for all.

I decided to give it shot. At least it won’t make any worse. I hope.

Among all products I’ve found I’ve chosen the less advertised one. It just seemed that if something goes wrong at some point I can easily contact the organizers. And I was correct. They responded to all of my question almost immediately.

We’ll see how it works!

Will keep you posted.

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