Once more about co-sleeping


Lately it’s became very popular to co-sleep, co-live and co-everything. So, it’s kind of very difficult to understand is it really that necessary to co-sleep with your infant baby.

As far as I understood, only mother decides when, how and with whom she wants to sleep.

I have a lot of friends mommies. They co-sleep, sleep train or just go with the flow. During this 2 years I’ve heard so many opinions, and tried so many approaches. Many of those approaches are so inconsistent, that I was totally confused.

Second thoughts were tearing me apart. Should I co-sleep? But it was a real torture for me. Every second during the night I was struggling. I had nightmares, that I will hurt him while sleeping.

In my opinion any approach is good, as long as you feel yourself comfortable.

In these latter days attachment parenting and co-sleeping became too trendy. It’s happening due to sudden massive appearance of so called prenatal psychologists. Prenatal psychologists – are special type of women, who somehow claim to be so perspicacious, that they know what unborn baby wants, or what newborn is thinking of, or even what deep trauma can 5 month old baby get, if left alone in his crib.

Guys, seriously? I don’t believe, that anybody can feel what my baby wants. Anybody, but me. Only mother can really feel what her unborn child needs. Or if it’s ok to put her child to bed and let him/her cry a bit. And if co-sleeping is bad for me and my son, I don’t want to listen any argument about, why I should force him and myself to do it.

Though, I found a very reasonable article. Actually, a first reasonable article about co-sleeping in Huffingtonpost. If you feel like co-sleeping, I suggest you to have a look.

And just remember, do what’s best to your family. Nobody knows your baby better than you. Every child is a new universe. There is no particular pattern of behavior or mould for creating relationship.

Every family as unique, every baby is one of a kind!




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