Now this is what I call Individuality

As we mentioned before, we live in the world of standardized beauty. Where every girls dreams to be a princess and every boy… by the way, what do boys dream of? Wow…

Wait a minute! It looks like it’s all about the girls. We are the ones suffering most of all. All those models (damn you Victoria’s Secret angels ???)

But every now and then, appears a girl, that gets sick of standards. She decide to quit playing games and just BE HERSELF!

Meet Ainsley. A 5 year old who decided to dress like a hot dog at a princess day. 

Her lectures had quickly captured the internet. As, let’s be true. Deep down inside we all kind of dream about breaking the rules, rebel and just be OURSELVES. It’s just, when you are 5 and adorable, it’s kind of easier to take a chance.

And especially if you have all the support of your parents! As Ainsley’s father twitted – it was all her idea! 

But, Brandon! You supported her! Which makes you an incredible father!


Main photo credit marilynhssod

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