New Mom Must Haves The Second Time Around

So you are pregnant… again! Congratulations.

This time you’re going to make it all the right way! Those were exactly my thoughts.

First of all I tried to remember what did I actually need and haven’t bought with my first child. Things that I considered totally useless. And things proven to be extremely useful and deadly IMPORTANT.

Then I asked around. It appeared that I’m not the only mother, who had experienced this. A lot of moms have had this so called “second baby revelation” thing.

So we teamed up with some of our readers and made an ultimate list of things we thought were useless, but ended up regretting we didn’t get them.

Well, you’re definitely going to need some high quality baby clothes. But you already have stocked tones of those, right?

Now before we start with a newborn again. Just a quick tip. If you happen to have a pre-toddler and you’re expecting an infant, there is one thing you totally and absolutely need. Yes, that’s right. To keep you sane, both of the kids safe and guarantee you some quiet time. Now what is that magical thing? A baby jumper! Yep! Now here is a nice guide to how to choose and select the right baby jumper for you and your baby.

Now back to babies! Shall we?

New Mom Must Haves The Second Time Around

1. Rocking chair

Well. Yeah. With my first child I thought “it’s such a useless waste of money!”. God! All those nights of rocking my little big boy to sleep in my arms… On the bright side, I’ve got sexy biceps

But how easier my life could have been with this simple thing.

There are tons of brands and types of rocking chairs on the market. What I think is important to consider when choosing one:

1. size (it should easily fit you and the baby); 2. safety (no place to stick little fingers in); 3. quality (you would want it to last for at lest 2 years, right?)

2. Changing table

For some strange reason, I thought that I won’t need one. It was one of my biggest mistakes. Little by little I screwed my back completely. So I’ll just say this. YOU NEED IT!

Don’t waste your money on a fancy one. Buy it in IKEA or even buy it used. You’ll need it just for one year.

3. Stability ball

The best way to calm down a fussy baby, fight colics and reduce pain during contractions. And it cheap! Yes, it’s bulky and it probably won’t fit in any of your closets. So it will just be in the middle of your living room. But trust me, it’s worth the struggle.

4. Portable crib

You actually need it even more buy cialis online than a regular crib. Planing a vacation? Or simply need to stay at grandma’s house for a weekend? Or just going out for a picnic. This tiny and lightweight thing is a lifesaver.

You might also think about a bassinet. It’s a great option if you travel a lot with your baby. Find your best baby bassinet.

5. Baby rocker or baby swing

Can you imagine a peaceful shower or even a bath. Or just a restful nap? A baby rocker can actually make it real. And what’s more important, you can totally be sure it’s safe. I know, I know, I’ve heard about it being addictive… and so and so and so. But, let’s clarify one little thing here. Do you truly think that you holding your crying baby ALL THE TIME (without being able to get a normal shower, to wash your hair or to sleep longer than 20 minutes) isn’t addictive?

Oh please. I totally swallowed this with my first child. But I’m getting this thing. I need to be calm, relaxed and focused. Happy mom – happy kids.

6. Sound machine

I used my iPhone for my fist son. And it was a huge mistake. First of all sound machines have a way better sound system that an iPhone. Second of all, you do need your phone once in a while. And third of all, I’m not sure of how safe it is to keep your phone this close to your kiddo.

7. Expensive stroller

Yeah, it took me a while to actually recognize this fact. Actually, it took me 6 strollers. Not counting those, that I’ve tested unsuccessfully. I wish I got to acknowledge this wise fact from the very beginning. It could have saved me a lot of money. And nerves.

Strollers like Bugaboo are not an unnecessary waste of money, it’s a smart and thoughtful investment. It seems like they cost a fortune, but they are virtually unbreakable.

I’ll definitely create a separate post on the cause and give you a closer look on certain characteristics. But to cut a long story short. If you are planning to have more than one child, gear up with a high quality expensive stroller. That will live long enough to accommodate all of your kids!

Bonus. Jogging stroller

Yeah, well, let’s face it. Jogging stroller is not a necessity. Rather a luxury. But for an active mom, that wants to keep up with het workouts, jogging stroller is a perfect idea!

No more excuses. “I can’t workout, I have a baby! I’m too busy”. Huh? Now you can go out and stroll miles, while your newborn is peacefully dreaming. And you are loosing those nasty pounds.

Check out 2017 best jogging strollers!

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