New incredible website for parents

Today, you can find almost everything in the web. Books, reports, films… anything.

Though, when it comes to valuable and insightful information, you need hours and hours of painstaking search. Especially regarding family life. Wouldn’t it be just nice to have a convenient source of revised and carefully selected information within your hand reach?

That was my dream. Until I suddenly found Andrea and John and their fabulous idea.

The Family Life

The Family Life is currently a small and hopefully growing online library. Accurately selected information, including books and articles, that are all relevant and easy to read. Though, the design is simple and plain, the information is definitely worth of your time. In a radical departure of majority of other websites, there is a real story and a real person behind every advice posted here.

And the best idea are their coffee-time reports!

Written in plain English, based on pure order xanax overnight delivery facts and personal experience. These reports are packed with priceless advices, links and answers. And they are in average 16 pages long. An awesome blast of ideas, that can be easily read during a coffee break.

Just a little example – a set of very helpful parenting apps.


According to their incredible values, most of the books are free or “pay what you want”. Idea of giving something as important as own experience and letting people set their own price for it – is unbelievable!

Here is a quote from one of their articles:

If a family has strong family values, they are more likely to raise children that have the courage and moral reasoning that will encourage altruism and will be able to make decisions that are legal, moral, and ethical.

I truly hope, this amazing idea will grow into a huge portal.


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