New app bringing back family game nights

Bring Back Family Game Night with Tricky Twists

We’ve been searching a while now for apps that will be less harmful or even useful for your kids. Since they will use their iPhones anyway and even if you forbid, they’ll use their friend’s iPhones.

Here comes another fun and engaging app we’ve recently explored.

It’s called Tricky Twists

Do you miss the old tradition of family game night, where you could spend an evening with the kids without distractions? Those nights that we had when we were kids. Those simple yet fun games like Twister! So nostalgic. But today’s kids don’t buy it. They need more action!

Tricky Twists is a body-twisting game that is played in-person with other people. It’s similar to Twister, but instead of using a mat, players use their phones, and have to twist around each other to get different body parts on different colored phones. The objective is to get as many twists as you can before xanax online us pharmacy everyone falls over!

Sounds pretty simple, huh? Wait till you try it! We had lots of forgotten old-fashioned fun.

But the greatest advantage of this game is the possibility to leave your comfort zone. Just think about it. Today children barely touch each other. They always have their noses in their tablets. No pigtail pulling, no playing catch-up and no Twister! No kinesthetic experience at all! It’s extremely important for our kids to develop tactile notion. And this game engages kids to play, without being pushed into something they don’t like.

The game can be played offline, so don’t worry about having an internet connection to play. It works across both devices, too. If you have family members without phones that want to play, they can! You can add them in without a phone color and they’ll be able to play just like everyone else in the group.

And it’s FREE for your iPhone or Android phone!

Have fun! ;)

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