New age of parenting!

You might have noticed how fast kids master new technology, including phones and tablets. My hubby and I became really worried about this situation.

There are families, that forbid their children from using phones, tablets and even watching TV. But we all know how environment affects us. Unless you are homeschooling your child. Though, even, in that case, your child will still interact with other children on a playground or in the park.

Thus, it seems obvious, that banning technology can only aggravate the situation.

But what is the other option?

Providing unlimited access? Definitely not an option. It’s like allowing your child to eat as much sugar as he want… we all can imagine how dramatic it will end.

As we were searching for a smart and wise solution we found absolutely remarkable startup, that will change the way of modern parenting! At least we really hope, that by the day Avi will have his own iPhone, we will own one of this Marry Poppins of the future!


Game Nanny Box


Kansas City, KS – New startup Game Nanny Box aims to simplify family screen time and game time. The project is live on Kickstarter at until June 8th. This unique product ends the arguments about screen time by acting as a timed lockbox for tablets, game controllers, mini game consoles, TV remotes, or anything else. Game Nanny Box tracks check-out times on a screen, gives audible warnings, and penalizes kids who check-in late. The system also has two charging ports to keep tablets and games charged.

A child picks her user on the Game Nanny Box keypad, and then enters her personal code.

How It Works

  1. On the next screen she can check-out a device, which opens a cabinet door. This also starts a countdown timer on the screen and begins her game time for the day.
  2. The box gives audible warnings both at 5 minutes remaining and 1 minute remaining.
  3. If the child does not check her device back in within the allotted time, she is penalized by losing some or all of her time the following day.
  4. Parents check contents at end of day, and can make changes to each child’s access.

Kickstarter was chosen for project crowdfunding and market feedback. If the initial funding goal is reached, production will begin immediately on certain components. A custom circuit board is complete and in testing. The funds are needed to complete the charger design, and production of the initial orders. There are stretch goals to upgrade the systems with WiFi and device tracking, but if the initial goal is not reached the project is cancelled and backers are not charged anything. If successful, backers will receive their Game Nanny Box or other project rewards in the late summer 2015.


About the company

Creator John Massengale has always had a passion for automation and hobby electronics.   As a father of three he is familiar with his, and other parents’, challenges with too much child screen time. The company website is and the product received a provisional patent in 2014.   This new product was designed and prototyped at Hammerspace, a makerspace in Kansas City. If you have any questions, please direct them to or find Game Nanny Box on social media.


Let’s help this awesome project to make it to the market!


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