My Mother’s Day

My Mother’s Day

Being a mother is the greatest gift.

Though, It’s hard, it’s demanding, it’s exhausting, but it can make you really happy!
Motherhood is priceless. It can give you fulfillment. There is no equivalent to this feeling.

But with all this joy comes a huge pack of worries, sleepless nights, tears and wrecked nerves.

Kid – is a huge responsibility. Raising a child without damaging his personality is an art.
Every day I get up with a thought, that I’m doing something wrong. Every word, every doing is a subject of careful attention. Everything you do is an example that can be copied and taken as a base.

Being a mother – is a full-time job. And there are no universities that will teach you to be one.

But there is one person, that definitely can help you.
So stop reading and call your mom! Make a call, step by, buy some flowers. And just hug her. For all the nights she stayed awake (and still stays, believe me), for all the tears she cried, for all the love she has for you.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you!

My Mother's Day
Love, MadMama


P.S. It’s my fabulous mother in law on the main picture.

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