My baby can read?

As mothers, we will always want all the best for our babies. And today’s world offers tons of products that claim to be “essential”. Something that we really need to buy, or our baby’s life will be incomplete.

It’s too hard to resist all those heart-moving commercials. We want our children to be happy and be vibrant. But let’s try to be reasonable.

Let’s start with research prior to buying every product that has a very professional team of admen.

First of all most children don’t start actually “reading” until around 6 years old. Let’s clarify what actually reading is.

Reading is an ability to distinguish and connect speech sounds and recognize speech and letter correspondence. 

A child remembers the connection between spoken and written language, that’s how he starts to read. The establishment of memory traces, however, takes a lot of time. 

This means, that an education process should start slowly. Simply by introducing letters and sounds. Not the whole words. Though, the temptation to form the patterns of whole words is high, we have to buckle up and go one step at a time. Products like flash cards and DVD’s that claim to teach your baby to read, by using word patters, can actually slow down the process in the future. Making memory traces between written and spoked words, prior to gaining the skill to distinguish letters and phonemes can slow down the reading event, make the memory trace vulnerable to mistakes.



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