Must have educational apps for kids

Your kids’ education isn’t limited by school. It goes way further.
And let’s face it, no matter how hard you try to avoid iPads, iPhones and Android devices, but it’s inevitable.

You can at least try to control it. And make as beneficial as possible.

These must have educational apps for kids are extremely fun.


must have educational apps for kids

This one is one of my fav. The impact is less on education and more on just happiness. But well, we really love it. It’s extremely positive.

2. Fish School HD

best educational apps for kids

A playful underwater experience.

Large spectrum of educational elements. Letters, numbers, shapes, colors and more.

In a fun form of colorful fish create letters, number and shapes. Awesome.

3. Habitat the Game


Teach your kid to care for the environment in fun playful way.

A modern way of tamagotchi.

Adopt a virtual polar bear, take care of your pet. Little ones will learn how to make difference in real world.

4. Plants by Tinybop


Virtually explore wildlife and nature. Crash clouds, make lightning, speed the time to watch how seasons affect the flora. Gorgeous detailed illustrations, extremely beautiful analogical game.

5. Balloony Word


Learn spelling and new word while keeping the Gorilla afloat!

Awesome and simple pictures, bright colors.


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