Monthly boxes for mommy and baby


I love the idea, that you’re getting something new for yourself and your baby every month. Especially if this something is extra useful. Something, that is selected by experienced moms for new moms. It’s genius! There are plenty of things, that we, young mommies, don’t even consider to buy. Though, those things can make our life much easier.

Like a snack trap.

When I opened my first Bluum box I found this mysterious thing.

oc-004_1z-2This is a life saver, time saver and Zen saver. It occupies your baby for at least 30 minutes. And it’s absolutely essential, when you are traveling with the baby.

But first things first. How does the system work.

Pretty much all monthly boxes are based on the same idea. You register, answer few question about your baby and yourself, choose some preferences, you pay. It takes some time to proceed the order. Because every box is composed individually.

I decided to try Bluum.

I had 2 boxes delivered.

Overall experience is positive. Though, I had some real problems unsubscribing them. I had to write to support for about 5 times, before I got an answer. And anyway, in order to unsubscribe, I had to delete my credit card info. This Trick always works.

But on the bright side, I got a snack trap, that I would’ve never bought by myself. I got wonderful hand cream and facial scrub for myself on much lower price. And the best of all are Camilia drops. Much cheaper than my neighborhood natural store. Plus, the toys they send are adorable and mostly made of natural or even organic materials.




Isn’t this just too cute? :)

It’s cheaper if you subscribe for a year. They make discounts for inviting friends. And you can sign your box if it’s a gift. By the way, their toddler boxes are awesome! Will keep you posted.



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