Moms who make it work

Did you know that?

  1. More than 2/3 of moms think they work harder at their job than non-moms or their male counterparts?
  2. 65% of moms don’t expect their employer to be lenient because they’re mother.
  3. Of those surveyed , more than 68% have a four-year college or graduate degree.

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What worries moms the most about returning to work? 

  1. Too much time away from their kids.
  2. Lack of work/life balance.
  3. Childcare: finding someone they trust to watch their children.
  4. Adding more stress to their lives.
  5. Cost of childcare $$$.

Top 3 reasons moms work: 

  1. They love what they do.
  2. They want to encourage a strong work ethic in their children.
  3. Their children are at school all time.

3 reasons why moms don’t mention they have children in interviews:

  1. Worried they want get hired.
  2. Concerned it will limit their ability to negotiate compensation.
  3. Afraid it will limit their ability to negotiate personal time off.

In an interview: 59% mention they have children. 

What excites moms about going back to work? 

  • 44% adult interaction, independence and practicing their craft (I would debate with illusionary “independence”, though)

Moms prioritize a work/life balance to ensure they can work but still ample time with their kids and families.

  •  45% moms work full-time.
  • 55% wish they could work part-time.
  • 67% said even if they didn’t need money, they would continue to work part-time.

42% of moms feel work/life balance is the most important quality while looking for a job. 

Other qualities they didn’t register as high for moms:

  • Loving where I work – 9%
  • Compensation – 7%
  • Company culture – 5%
  • The commute – 2%
  • Personal/vacation time – 1%

For those who have real experience of interacting with young moms at work we dedicate this Video *)))

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