Moms night out #2

There’s a thing about being a mom. After you enter the exciting world of motherhood, you also seriously become another KIND. Another breed. No really. You no longer really blend in with your single friends.

Once in a while you need to get together with other representatives of your own new kind. The weird thing is that you won’t talk about dirty diapers or sleep training. You’ll party!

You need the right kind of party though.

I was lucky enough to be a part of awesome Moms Night Out carefully put together by Mom Trends and a bunch of absolutely incredible brands.

mom night out 2

The key to organizing the right Moms Night Out lies in understanding: what moms need.

  • we need wine (a lot of wine)
  • not quite healthy food
  • quiet music
  • massage
  • and a lot of talks (that do not involve any kind of baby talk)


And when all of these things are topped with nice company – it’s a home run!

Some old friends, like

moms night out

When it comes to healthy snacking on the go what can be better than our beloved taste from childhood? Who had PBJ sandwiches for lunch? 🙋‍♀️

Well, our kids are definitely more lucky, since they have a greater variety. Check out the RECIPE section at

My absolute favourites are strawberry-almond pops! 👅

Some new friends like Visit Williamsburg Virginia.

visit williamsburg

Who knew that planning a trip can actually be so much fun? With a “Plan Your Stay” tool on their website it’s like playing a cool video game. My fav would be Williamsburg tasting trail. Obviously, because it involves wine. Lots of wine.

Some trusted friends, like new SwaddleMe Kicksie a SwaddleMe Footsie.

swaddleme footsie

SwaddleMe Footsie is a totally unexpected, but very smart solution for active sleeping babies. He just loves to feel free-ish when he sleeps. And that’s the first option on the market, that can give your little kicker some taste of freedom. + winter is coming, which means that we want to keep those little feet snuggly warm.

Some AH-MAZINGLY comfortable friends, like Fresh Foam Arishi by New Balance

fresh foam arishi new balance

It’s not a secret, that when you become a mom, you throw away your high heels. Well, obviously I have high heels somewhere… I should. I mean, I remember seeing them in my closet. Anyways, you see my point. Walking, sometimes running or even jumping – that’s what we do every single day. We better do it with comfort and style.

Some loyal friends like Munchkin and their new STEP Diaper Pail

Step diaper pail

I can go on and on about this great diaper pail, that was voted #1 in eliminating odors.

But, just think about it: a diaper pail that smells like lavender!

Full review here.


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  • Fab Gab January 25, 2018 at 1:54 am

    Were you at the MomTrends holiday party too? If so I could have met you there. Anyways, I’m glad to have met online-hopefully one day we will connect offline too!-Stella