Mom’s escape in the big city

Mom’s escape in the big city.

I’ve noticed how we, mommies, have to change our lives, once babies burst into it (they literally do) into our daily schedule.
Ordinary things, that have seemed to be so easy before, start to take much more effort.
And if you have never heard such word as multitasking, well you’re going to master this skill in perfection.
But there is definitely a bright side of the situation, believe me.
For example, have you ever enjoyed doing laundry? Or cooking? I mean, doing one thing at a time. Just laundry. Damn, it’s so calming. So peaceful.
You will voy buy xanax learn to cherish simple plain things.
When nobody is yelling, asking millions of questions, crying and there is nothing but silence.

My escape is – cooking.
Whenever I feel pissed off, I just go and bake one of my favorite cakes. In silence.
As you can see from my blog, I bake quite often )

The point is, to find your own escape. For example, my mom enjoys ironing. For me it’s total curse! But my mom, has a whole day on weekend, when she does nothing, but ironing.

Just stay away from sweets)))

Mom's escape in the big city

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