Meet The father of the year

We all know this feeling. We love our kids more than our own lives. And we will do anything in order to make them happy. We are ready to sacrifice whatever needed. We are ready to give up everything.

This is parenthood.

Thus, when it comes to real trouble, every parent becomes a real superhero.

This Super Dad brought it on a whole new level.

Meet Josh Marshall from Kansas.

His son Gabriel was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called anapaestic astrocytoma, he had a surgery, which left a huge scar on his head. Josh did an incredible thing.

To support his son, Josh made a tattoo. His tattoo is a precise copy of the scar Gabriel has.

Sometimes words are just not enough.

This picture won the #BestBaldDad contest initiated by St. Baldrick’s foundation. BestBaldDad is a contest for dads, uncles, granddads who shaved their heads to honour children who have cancer.

A photo went viral instantly and conquered millions of hearts. This dad went above and beyond in showing his love.


Main photo Josh Marshall

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