MadMama’s Winter Merino Wool Essential List

We’ve all heard about merino wool. We’ve heard that it’s cool and expensive.

It definitely ain’t no your grandma’s sweater.

But why is it so special?

Let’s take a closer look.

  • Breathability and Moisture Management

Merino wool breathes and has moisture wicking properties. Better than any other known fiber.

Scientific point of view: Breathability is the ability of a fabric or fiber to transport moisture in the vapor state from an area of higher humidity to an area of lower humidity.

Uncomplicated point of view: When your body starts to heat up and produce moisture, merino wool allows the moisture to an area of lower humidity. Meaning, outside of the fabric.

  • Natural Heating and Cooling

Somehow we have this weird stereotype in our heads, that Wool is only good for cold weather. Well, it’s actually great for any weather.

It’s all about the moisture (again) and the air between your skin and the garment.
Like I’ve mentioned before, there is some moisture within the structure of the fiber. And whenever the air between your skin and the fabric becomes too hot, the moisture begins to evaporate instantly cooling the air.

  • Strong curl

Wool fibers have a natural curl called the “fiber crimp” which improves the elasticity and overall resilience of the fiber. And wool is made of Keratin molecules, that is also present in our skin. And believe it or not, wool behaves similarly to our skin. It can be bent and stretched more than 30,000 times without any damage.

  • No odor

Yep. Buy your teenage son some merino wool socks. And you shall not fear the Odor. Due to its moisture-wicking properties, the fabric doesn’t allow enough moisture for bacteria to survive and multiply.


That being said, we have found and tested a few brands and items that will be a perfect addition to your kids’ winter (and summer) wardrobe.

1. Woolino Sleeping Bag

merino wool


You simply can’t go wrong with this amazing product. Especially if you have a newborn. As we know, newborns can’t regulate their body temperature so being wrapped in merino wool Sleeping Bag seems like a really awesome idea to me.

I love our Woolino and it keeps me calm at night. I know that my baby is not cold and not hot.

2. Nui Organics Merino Everything

merino wool clothes

No really. As I said, it appeared that merino wool is good for EVERY kind of weather. Because it kind of creates a microclimate between your skin and the fabric. It seems like a good idea, to wear it in summer. Especially to dress your kids in it in summer.

Nui Organics has it’s huge place in our wardrobes. And is always the first website to look for a baby shower gift.

merino wool swaddle

Oh yes, they did! And Yes it’s AWESOME! Well, they actually did it 3 years ago. It’s almost the same as the cotton Muslin, but just with all the properties of wool. It’s better, much MUCH better.



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