Did you know that babies attract men?

One wonderful summer day, while Avi and me were sunbathing (actually, Avi was chilling in the shadow of his stroller), I’ve made a curious conclusion. It appears, that men, when concidering you as a flirt object, don’t really care whether you have a baby or not. I would even say — conversely. Baby works like a magnet.

While our daddy was having his usual swim, we were left up to chance and doomed to meet local machoes. Curious case, I have to mention. I’ve always thought, that xanax bars buy nexium online online uk baby would work like antidot, but we were like an iPhone6 at release day. One middle-aged man even came up 2 times.

Well, it looks like no one can stand the cuteness of little ones. And, by the way, it’s considered by psychologists that men are subconsciously attracted to women with kids. Because, in fact, deep down inside their animalistic desire, all they want – are kids! And a baby can you buy ativan in thailand is a good proof that woman is capable of satisfying this desire. Hard to believe, ha?



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