Is it normal? Or kids sex behavior cyclopaedia

That’s a quite common question that first time moms keep on asking their-selves almost everyday.

Especially regarding sex behavior.

And my husband and I are not and exception. That’s why we decided to make a tiny chart of most common sex behavior at certain age and how to respond on it.

Age 0-3:

In this age kids start to explore themselves. Particularly their body parts. Touching, masturbating, trying to view adult nudity – are absolutely normal.

What is a proper reaction? First of all we should not judge our children in because they are curious about their bodies. It can lead to shame. Shame can lead to significant sexual problems in adult age.

Also using clear real names of certain body parts is a must. Be as exact as you can be. Try to avoid nicknames.

Ages 4-5:

Kids will start to ask questions. Where babies come from? Where they grow in mommy’s belly? What is sex?

Keep it simple. Under any condition never ever laugh at their questions. Be open to any conversation.

Ages 6-8:

Kids start to recognize the social taboos surrounding sexuality, especially if parents are nervous about this subject, and will be less open about asking questions. They start to explore their personal space and want more privacy.

They start to look to media, and other sources for information about sex.

Understand gender role stereotypes and start to playing role games.

May get curious in same-gender sexual exploration.

It’s very important for parents to continue being open to a conversation.





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