Incredible parenting tips from Florence Romano

Recently I’ve met an incredible writer, author and experienced nanny, thus the greatest child lover Florence Ann Romano. And her amazing mom.


Florence released her awesome book “Nanny and Me” in May. Should I say how important this topic is getting now? The pace of life today is so fast that more and more parents are deciding to hire a nanny. But it appears that finding a nanny is not that easy.

I was lucky enough to make a short interview with Florence during her visit to NYC, which I’m gladly going to share with you. But first let me tell you just a few personal impressions about Florence!

She really is adorable! From the moment you first see her you fall in love. She is pure and very sincere. My son loved her. And he reads people. She has 4 siblings and she is the oldest child in her family. Apart from any other experience, this one is already extremely valuable.

The first question obviously is going to be: do you have kids of your own?

Not yet. But I an the oldest child of 4 in my family.

Wow. That seems like you really have enough of information for at lest 3 more books.

How did you make a decision to write a book about this extraordinary topic?

I’ve always wanted to be a children’s author. Life took me to a different direction, but I always said that I would know what that book is going to be about. I wanted it to be about my experience as a nanny. So I started looking the literature that is available. How to explain the nanny to a child. And there was really nothing out there, that will help with the transition. I decided to use my experience to help parents to educate their children and explain them, what happens when the nanny comes into the family. To help parents to relief those feelings of stress and anxiety and guilt.

What is a background of the book? Have you made any research?

I’ve spoken to thousands of children in schools and talked to dozens of parents about their experiences with nannies. And I also talked with nannies all around the country. Over 60 per sent of families across the country have nannies. It’s not only for the upper echelon of the society anymore. The challenge is that there is no resource of the information on how to explain to the children why is this happening. Children can handle almost anything as long as it’s explained.

What would you say is the main message of your book?

The nanny has to be an extension of the parents. Their eyes and ears. It is also important to remember, that nanny doesn’t replace you and you can’t stop parenting at all. You need to form a common force.


This book is a must have for parents, nannies and kids. Packed with essential advices and tips from the insider. And above all it is full of kindness. MadMamaNYC definitely recommends!

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