Imperfectly perfect motherhood

I can’t, I just can’t. The world have changed. Everybody everywhere suddenly started to be so perfect!

What’s wrong with you, people?

I can’t even open my Instagram anymore. It used to be fun. Awkward and funny people making their way through life. Just being real, being themselves.
And now. What’s that? Army of super people.
Even the nicknames have changed! What happened to Dartwadder123 or Princessofdeath? It’s “happyfitmom” all over the place.
Here is how she wakes up. All her kids come to wake her up and cuddle. Her perfect hair and marvelous makeup are already there. All the kids are extremely adorable wearing those cute matching pajamas.

Here she is working out on the terrace of her perfect mansion in California (of course). On the beach (naturally). Her hair is flawless, her make up is natural. With all her fabulously blond 8 kids. Dressed in pastel colors clothes. Which she made by herself (well, of course she did).
Here they are having home baked organic healthy gluten free whole wheat lactose free vegan croissants for breakfast.
With home made sugar free low temperature jam. All kids are spotlessly clean.

And here she is working on her own clothes line/fitness startup/or a blog at the worst

And the kids are patiently studying. She is homeschooling them, obviously.

Oh and here she is studying Chinese via skype, because she needs to communicate with her foreign partners in their native language. And she already knows French/Italian/German/Spanish, Latin and Esperanto fluently. In meantime her 5 year old daughter is playing piano like Myra Hess, 4 year old son  is playing violin like Stradivari, 3 year old daughter is performing the Excerpt from Lucia de Lammermoor,  twins are dancing better than Mikhail Baryshnikov himself, 1 year old is conducting the whole thing. And smallest one, which she is breastfeeding (obviously) is in an organic dye free ergonomic handmade sling. While she herself is doing a perfect plank and reading latest business strategy book.

I just want to say THANK YOU to those mothers, who resist the temptation of being publicly perfect. And showing us the real deal of motherhood. THANK YOU!

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My MOTHERHOOD consists of being clumsy, sleepy, creepy, sad, mad, angry, a little bit drunk, funny… allow junk food and TV, wear those out of trend pants and top covered with Godknowswhat, laugh at yourself, wear no makeup, laugh again… be tired. Be real.

Main photo by Paige Marie

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