I do! Do I?

I do. Do I?

Remember the moment you said “yes”? When your heart was full of love and expectations? Oh! That sweet moment.

When we were ready to do everything to make our partner happy. Like in the song “ain’t no mountain high enough”. But do we really understand, that when we say “I do“, we commit to be in that state for the rest of our lives?
Do we?

Then comes the routine, babies, dogs, cats, dirty laundry, ruined expectations and broken hearts. Oh those expectations…

Why does it happen?

Because we don’t actually understand what does it really mean when we say “I do”.

Thus, I really want to remind myself and everybody who might have an opportunity to read this, the true meaning of this words.

I do.

I do commit:

To support you.
To be with you. To share my thoughts with you.
To place your needs above mine.
To make you happy.
To care about you.
And I’ll print this beautiful mantra and place it on the wall above my bed.

I do! Do I?

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