How to survive the terrible 2s

How to survive the terrible 2s

Terrible twos are a completely normal stage of a child’s development… Blah Blah Blah…

There is nothing normal about that age. But, wait a minute. Is there anything normal about any age? Yeah, exactly.

At this stage, children normally start to seek for their independence while relying on adults quite frequently.

These two behaviors often clash and as a result of such, children will start to show temper, moodiness and oppositional behaviour. Tantrums are very frequent. And sometimes you just think that there is not enough wine in the world.

Under such circumstance, it will be exceptionally hard to predict the behavior of the child as they experience rapid mood changes. Surviving these terrible twos can be a daunting task for many parents if they don’t know how to handle the situation correctly. Here are some tips for parents in order to survive the terrible twos.

But once again, I’m hardly an expert. Since our child is having the worst case of terrible twos ever know in the history of humanity! Or at least, that’s what it feels like.

Make sure that you offer choices

In general, a two year old always thinks that he prefers to have control and dominance over their little world. Ha-ha. Like, I wish. Whenever you command them to do something, it makes them feel like they are losing control of their lives (Hello! You never had that control in the first place!). Once they start to feel the lack of control, things can go worse. To overcome this situation, you should offer them some choices when they refuse a particular option. “Do you want to wear red socks or blue socks” instead of “You need to wear socks”. Or “are you going to have your oatmeal with raisins or with honey” instead of “you are going to have oatmeal for breakfast”.

Let them feel a responsibility 

You can assign some simple responsibilities to the child; you can ask them to throw a napkin, bring something for you, pick a dropped item, empty a plate etc. These responsibilities will make them feel authoritative and dominant. Eventually, it will help the kid to collaborate with you.

Facilitate them with enough amount of sleep 

Sleep is an exceptionally important aspect for your child. In fact, sleep helps to develop both physical and mental health. If your child doesn’t get enough nap during day time, you must facilitate them to have a decent amount of sleep during night time. Kids react to exhaustion in a different way. Instead of being sleepy, they get too excited and confused. So take a sip of Pinot Noir and make sure your kiddo is sleeping at least 12 hours a day.

You must develop limitless patience 

Although this advice is extremely hard to implement in practical life, it is important for your own sake to have a lot of patience when dealing with terrible twos. When our son is changing his mood 25 times per minute, its kind of giving me a whiplash. You will have all good reasons to get angry; but you should make sure that you don’t.

So once again. Make sure you have a subscription for a wine delivery service and get a spa day once per week.

But sometimes, when it’s just getting way too far, the best thing is to walk away from such instances, calm down and face the situation with a relaxed mind no matter what it takes. I go to the bathroom, close the door and just breath in.

Don’t hesitate to praise or ignore accordingly 

It is a smart parent’s move either to ignore or praise certain behaviors of the child. Generally, by experience, children know that they can get a lot of attention for negative behavior. Most of these negative behaviors can be eliminated just by ignoring them. Well if he throws sand on other kids on the playground, you might want to interfere and explain, that this kind of behaviour might hurt others. Just make sure you are CALM. Don’t provide him with any emotional reactions.

Meanwhile, you must be prepared to praise your child whenever he does something good. It is a matter of using your common sense after all.


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