How to survive the first month of parenting

How to survive the first month of parenting?

I have totally no clue. But somehow, we’re still alive. Mostly because we worked as a team, I guess. Like a perfectly trained team. 

I absolutely forgot first 3 weeks of my son’s life. I have only little flashes of memory. When I wasn’t feeding, I was sleeping. When I wasn’t sleeping, I was feeding, changing, bathing… I fell asleep in so different places and such strange poses…

Before Avi jumped into our life, I had some sleeping problems. I couldn’t fall asleep when it was too much light, too much noise or I was in someone else’s bed. If somebody was sleeping in the same room with me and snoring or sniffing. You can imagine, traveling was a real hell for me.

I was suffering for 20 years.

Who would have known, that baby — is a good insomnia remedy?

To start with, the process of giving birth itself is so exhausting, that it seems that you can sleep for ever! Then for the first 3 days, it seems like you are dreaming. Well, the hardest part comes right after. 

In other words, I was sound asleep, but I couldn’t really tell was it day or night.

And it could last for ever. But fortunately we had to bow to American bureaucratic system. We had to formally register our baby as an American citizen.

To start with, you need to take a passport approved photograph of a newborn baby. How do you like that?

3 weeks old baby should be photographed following all adult rules.

His eyes have to be open. His face doesn’t have to show any emotions. Meaning — no cry! (Really? How the hell this is posible?)

We equipped my hubby with a sling and started to conquer Manhattan. As I weight about 100 pounds, and couldn’t even carry my purse without fainting, I was just trying not to die in the middle of the street. 

My husband was having a real fun, because he carried our tiny son. He collected all those cutie-patootie looks.

Well, probably, in NYC dads don’t carry their newborn sons in slings. 

In as little as few desperate days, thanks to strict schedule of american authorities and our dad’s persistence, we were complitely back to human regime. And I started to tell night from day. My husband, actually, played a role of some kind of connecting part between us and all the other world. He stopped me, when I wanted to call somebody at 3 am, or go out to the shop at night

But the most important thing is, that he provided me with feeling of calmness. He was as sure and stable as a rock. And every time I was about to go in for drama, he was there for me.


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