How to survive high school

When I was a teenager being a geek was a curse. Not a trend. Geeks suffered. My best friend was a geek. She had all A and always sat in the first raw just in front of the teacher. She had all homework done, she read all the books and knew all the answers. Well, and I just always was by her side. Literally, I sat next to her. Clearly, I wasn’t a geek. All I did was reading. I read all the time. Of course it wasn’t any of our home reading assignments. I wasn’t neither a geek nor a cool girl. I was an outsider. Though, it never made me feel lonely. It gave me an opportunity to choose who I want to hang out with. I was a mystery.   They all kind of wanted to communicate with me. This was the most awesome strategy I could ever choose to survive high school.
Kids can be really truly mean. So, how to help your child to get through high school without gaining any psychological damage?

1. Be yourself

That is the first and most important thing your child has to hear from you. Teenagers are very vulnerable and easy to influence. It’s vital to provide support. Your child had to know, that he doesn’t have to be anybody else, but himself.

2. Find yourself some friends.

People who share the same passion. As they say: one in the field but without shield. People are made to be united. No one can live in loneliness.

3. Nobody is perfect.

Neither you, nor other people. This means we have to embrace people as they are. We all do mistakes. But friendship, like any relationship, is nothing but hard work.
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