How to stop a little smooth operator

It’s been 9 month since his highness Avrom was born. And sometimes I literally feel myself as an expert in behavioral habits of 9 month babies. And then, suddenly, he changes his behavioral pattern. Bang! And I’m back to ordinary mom. Real roller coaster ride! 

They say, it will last no fewer than 30 years. And than he’ll get married and start a family, and I will never feel myself an expert again.

This little human is educating me using carrot and stick method. Mostly stick. Screaming, hysterics, shame and panic. The whole shooting match. But I’m not your average mom. 

 Our every morning starts from an invisible stand-off. I want him to wake up at 7, but he wakes up at 6. Lying patiently in his bed and waiting for me to move. And than he switches on. Starts crying. All our day goes like this. He feels me. He wraps me around his finger. Little smooth operator

There are thousands of articles, offering different methods to fight manipulations. Most of them are about demonstrating «who is the boss». But really: do they work? 

It all depends on what you want! 

All this «boss» stuff freaks me out a little.

So we decided to go the another way. 

What works better than orders and commands?


Setting a right example is harder than giving orders, though.

But it’s worth trying, because it’s far more rewarding

What are the benefits that you get? 

  1. Being friends with your kid. This means – you will share secrets and share opinions. And we all know, how priceless this is. 
  2. Trust. Trust for any family is as important as air to any human. 
  3. You’ ll pay more attention to your own behavior. Just imagine, your son is picturing his future wife from you. 

That’s all we have now. We just started. But stay tuned) We’ll keep you updated. 

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