How to: Sex after kids

So we finally got to this important and gentle topic!

Remember those days when it was just two of you? When you could be spontaneous, walk naked around the house, eat burgers from ShakeShack and stay up late? Oh… Well forget it. Cause it’s never going to be like this anymore. Well, may be after you youngest child turns 18 and ships out to college. But I think by then we would all have to cut on cholesterol, wear bra with support and go to bed by 9.

Anyways, while we’re still relatively young, in order to keep up with our sexual life, we need to sneak and be creative.

That’s why we carefully gathered a few advices.

How to: Sex after kids

1. Preparation is the key to success

Guessing games are over, mommies! You need to train yourself and your partner to be HONEST. Don’t be afraid to tell what you need, what you want, what makes you have an orgasm (wow, that was honest). You’re not in college anymore. Make sure you have all you need. Lube, wipes, condoms… Whatever makes you feel comfortable.

2. Make sure you have doors that locks!

Most likely your bathroom locks. And may be your closet? Not yet? Oh well, make it lock. Or garage? You don’t need the to stress out and be digressed by a possibility of your 3 year old waking up and finding you doing it doggy style on you kitchen floor.

3. Be quiet

Ok, yes! You are that loud type. But imagine you’re in your in-law’s house. Not that loud anymore, right? Well, your kid’s mental health is far more important than your in-law’s.

4. Add some creativity

Shower cabin with running water, car parked in your garage, walking closet – these are the perfect places.

5. Regularity is important

You are a mother, but also you are a woman. And a woman needs sex. The more you postpone it, the greater brakes you make – the less you want it. The less hormones are produced. The less happy you are. Not convincing enough? Let’s try another angle. You, as a couple, need sex. It’s a base of your relationship, it reminds you that you are more than mommy and daddy. So even if your tired and not feeling sexy tonight, make a tiny effort. And in 2 minutes that feeling goes away and you’ll be rewarded.

6. Plan some we time

Have a date night out or a weekend without kids. But do it regularly!


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