How to make your baby sleep through the night

How to make your baby sleep through the night.

Well. There are a lot of promising methods, that almost guarantee a successful result.

One of them is the “cry out method“. On one hand it’s considered to be most effective, but on the other hand it’s one of most damaging for fragile baby’s mentality.

To tell you the truth, we’ve tried it. And I’m positively sure, that the harm it’s making totally outweights the quick result. It really works, though. But the price you pay is dramatical.

So we started to search something less traumatizing, but same efficient.

Seek and ye shall find, as they say. And we found!

Dr. Eduard Estivill and his fabulous method are just amazing!

It took us 3 nights to make it work! 

The main idea is to show the baby that he (or she) is loved, but there are some rules that everybody has to follow.

First of all, you treat a baby of any age, like an adult person. Yeah, this is my best part. It makes sense, right? I mean, what can you possibly expect from a child that is always treated with indulgence? And it doesn’t mean, that your baby will do as you say right away, but he will eventually. Don’t put a lot of expectations, though. A baby is still a baby. So he (or she) won’t just follow your command. Just keep in mind the fact, that they do react on tone of your voice and do feel your attitude. 

The second factor of the method is communication. You explain to your child everything that you do.

Finally, the last, but not the least tip. This method, unlike others, will never let your child to feel abandoned.

So, how it works.

  1. Find an object, that your child will associate with falling asleep (a pacifier, a blanket, a soft toy or even few objects).
  2. Introduce these objects to your baby before going to bed. Explain that he (or she) is sleep-training and will now fall asleep with these friends. Then explain, that you will now go out of the room and come back when it’s time to wake up. But he (or she) is not going to be alone. He (or she) has now new friends, who are going to sleep. Also you should include in your speech following: “we love you” or “you are so loved and important” etc.
  3. Then walk out of the room. Get prepared, your baby will cry, demand, complain. But be strong on what you do.
  4. Here comes the hardest part. Now you have to wait. But no longer than 2 minutes. If your baby is still crying – walk into the room and say the same speech again. Smile, be loving and self-assured.
  5. Then you walk out again.
  6. Wait 3 minutes and repeat this process as often as necessary until the baby falls asleep. You can also increase the time by adding 1 minute at a time.

You can read more in Dr. Estevill’s book “fate la nanna“. There are some exact instructions.

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