How to fight Postpartum depression

How to fight Postpartum depression.

First of all, I didn’t really believe that it excited, before I faces it, of course.
I thought that I can totally control my emotions and my mood and it’s absolutely enough to avoid postpartum depression.
Hell no! I was so wrong.
After you give birth something strange happens. All of a sudden, you start feeling buy antibiotics abroad so much! You start to be worried about your tiny little baby 24/7. And all other feelings and demands and needs are blocked by the only one “baby alarm”.
What happens next?
All those blocked needs don’t actually go anywhere. They can’t vanish!
They grow.
And grow.
Then you come home. You start to figure out how to exist with the baby. This puts you under even more stress!
Then, your hidden needs and demands start to pop out without your control. It results in cravings and unstable mood.
One minute you were totally fine, having fun with your baby, other minutes you find yourself crying without any particular reason. That’s how it works.
I had a bit different situation. I was sure that I’m fine, I have no depression. But one day I looked at the mirror and finally seen myself. I looked bad! Old jeans, grey t-short, ponytail and sneakers. I was shocked! The trick is, that somehow I didn’t even notice how bad I looked (mildly speaking).
 That’s me before pregnancy!
Hot huh?
And that’s me after. Get ready.
But let’s get back to the meat.

What to do to fight the depression?

First of all, I reviewed my clothes
Are you still pregnant? No? So get rid of all maternity clothes. (Yes, your hubby’s old stretched t-shirt has to go too)
I made a schedule, where I marked when I have to do my nails, eyebrows, wash my hair and do waxing. I’m not joking here.
We initiated Papa time. Every Sunday, Avi stays with his dad. And I have time for anything I want.
I started to go out. That’s the most important tip. Seeing other adult people! Speaking to adult people! And your conversation can be about culture, politics anything but the kids. That makes you feel alive again.

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