How to fight child’s fear of the dark

The dark. Why is it so scary? Fear of the dark is probably worse than any other fear. But why? Because darkness is the unknown. You’ll fight anything, if only you can face it. But darkness doesn’t have a face. This fact leaves a lot of room for your imagination. Monsters under the bed, aliens, bad dragons.

Starting around age 2 and going until age 8 or 9 your child’s powers of imagination are exploding, which means that now he can imagine new and scary things to be afraid of. And considering that he spends a good portion of his day in fantasy play, it can be hard for him to shut off his imagination before bedtime and go to sleep. Plus your child is still learning to distinguish fantasy from reality. Thus the possibility of an invisible evil creature hiding under his bed seems quite real to him.

How to help your child to get over the fear?

You will not be able to help him completely xanax online american express resolve his fears right now, because it’s mostly a stage, but there is a lot you can do to help him cope with his fears and get to sleep more easily.

  • establish a peaceful evening bedtime routine
  • no violent shows, films or books
  • a warm bath, that will help your kid to relax
  • find a sleeping object together. A toy, that will keep your child a company and protect him
  • buy a night light

A night light is a very nice idea. There is an astonishing variety of them in the web. For example Bright Time Buddies. 


Bright Time Buddies are small, light up animals, which glow in calming colors. They look awesomely cute. Kids love them. They can also be your kid’s sleeping objects. Your child can choose himself from a variety of styles.


Unlike many others night lights, these adorable guys have soft, squishable body. So your child can actually hug his Bright Time Buddy and sleep with it.


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