How to: be a smoking hot momma

Want to be a stylin and hot mom?

Try some of these pieces for your wardrobe and instantly feel the hotness elevate.

Fringed heels

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First of all, we all love these cute fringed baby mocs.

If you don’t have a set for your babe, you are not on the right path, my friend. First get a set for your baby, then you need to matchy matchy with your little one.

Denim…. Holy denim.

If it is not holy, put it back on the rack. Get these now! I know your parents and grandparents are shaking their heads that this generation would pay well earned money for messed up jeans, but this trend isn’t going away. If they say anything, just tell them it’s for your fashion blog – ha!

I’m a little impartial here, but the Cardimom which is the latest in hot mom-to-be fashion and nursing mom fashion. It can be worn so many ways and is just the staple to wear with your yoga gear, or even with a dress or business casual. I’ve got one and simply love all the ways I can wear it. #cardimom

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Jewelry your baby can teethe on and that you can throw in the dishwasher!

I don’t usually clean my jewelry but now with a drooly teething machine at my hip, I do need to clean it from time to time and this jewelry is designed for babies to gnaw on and do so safely. Some of them look a little too toyish or like Barbara Bush pearls so choose your piece wisely but a really nice one can complete any tee-shirt and jeans outfit.

Lastly, here are two more tips that accentuate the stylish pieces I wear: a fresh hair trim to my hair. It just makes me look more together and makes it look healthier. Also, from time to time I also like to have a teeth whitening session. Because a great smile completes any ensemble. It’s the little things!

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