How I failed in potty training

How I failed in potty training.
As much as I wanted to be a perfect mother and master the art of perfect parenting. I’ve failed so many times that I lost my count. And, actually, even if I think I didn’t fail, I probably failed anyway.
You can’t be sure until puberty…
Here it comes. I’m going to tell you a story about one of the thousands things I did wrong.

How I totally failed in potty training.

The trick is that I was absolutely sure I was doing just fine. Not even fine, perfect. I would say brilliant.
As many other post Soviet mothers, I decided to take everything under my full control. As my mom did and her mom did, I started potty training the day my son learned to sit.
I couldn’t be happier.
Here is the trick. He was good at popping. My son is 2. He mastered doing the number two in the toilet, but he still order xanax online cash on delivery wears diaper. He doesn’t understand that he can pee in the toilet.

And my main question was, where did I fail?

I asked all of my mommy friends. They told me their stories.
Potty training books, special character underwear, even cartoons! And the most desperate way just to let them be pant-less and pee whenever they want…
Nothing seem to work!
Until one morning. He woke up, he went to the bathroom and he peed. He just did. No tears, no effort, no potty obsession.

Few potty training tips from MadMamaNYC:

How I failed potty training.

  • buy a step stool. Ikea will do perfectly!

How I failed potty training.

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