Here is why Kim Kardashian is not fooling us with her naked selfie

Here is why Kim Kardashian is not fooling us with her naked selfie

The buzz about Kim’s post baby body Instagram photo is too huge so we couldn’t ignore it.

First of all we just wanna ask. Guys, seriously, is naked Kardashian still such a surprising thing? Really?

And second of all, what’s wrong with you people? Why can’t a public persona, that is obviously working a lot on her perfect (yes, it is perfect, face it!) body look like this after birth? Is it so hard to believe, that a woman can workout and keep a diet and achieve relatively quick results? I mean, guys, it’s been 3 month!

Buzzfeed and are sure that this photo is just an old shot.

Well, we say – it might not be old.

We can’t neither prove nor disprove this statement. But we can provide you with some interesting facts. Giving you some food for thoughts.

This is a photo of our Chief editor’s Alex body. Only 2 month after she gave birth.

A photo posted by Madmama (@madmamanyc) on

I din’t have time to clean, cook and sleep. But I surely had time to workout! Lol.
Said Alex.
So, please, just leave young mommy Kim alone and let yourself be amazed by her and our chief editor.
Don’t be jealous.
GO WORK OUT! Keep a healthy diet.
Here is our little tip.

Have a little trust in people

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