Great Pretenders giveaway results!

Great Pretenders giveaway results!

Sunday is a day for fun, pleasure and enjoyment!

That’s why we love to end our giveaways on Sunday! Don’t worry if you missed it, we’ll start a new one on Monday! And it’s going to be breathtaking! I’ll just say, it has something to do wit Skip Hop. Stay tuned!

But today one very special little baby will have this adorable award winning squeaker from Great Pretenders.

Great Pretenders giveaway results!

And today we’re going to know who exactly is that baby.

But first let us remind you why this toy is so great!

His name is Alvin and he is a lovely elephant! The squeaker toy combines the developmental benefit and stimulation of sound toys (a very very very SOFT sound toys :) ) with a friendly character for comfort and reassurance. Alvin has a very comfy form, that was specially designed for little hands and is super easy to grip. Sound Toys, like squeakers, provide stimulation to babies as they discover their senses and build connection between their actions, moves and sounds. Alvin is the winner of the Dr. Toy Best Green Award for 2015.

Isn’t he awesome?

Great pretenders giveaway results

Here comes the winner!

Great Pretenders giveaway results!

Dear April, we hope your little one will enjoy this amazing toy!

Don’t forget to send us pictures and a feedback! As Great Pretenders strongly value every parent’s opinion!

Love, hugs, kisses!

Happy Sunday!

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