Grandmas are made to love!

So meet my dear mother. She is quite a busy businesswoman, famous architect and very very gifted artist.


My childhood was more like a business trip than a vacation. Both of my parents wear in heart their profession. So, most of the time we spent elsewhere. Please don’t get me wrong, this is not a complain. I mean, I’ve spent most of my childhood or with my grandmother in the country house, surrounded by nature; or in Sicily. I had a remarkable childhood.

But in my early childhood I don’t really have memories about my mom. Well, except one. I was a little bit more than 3 years or so. My buy phentermine and b12 mother had beautiful long blond hair (Yes, I definitely resemble my father). So, one day she came home with very short fancy haircut. I remember myself crying. That’s it. No more memories. Until we got our own apartment in czarist building. But it’s quite a different story.

So, now as my ma finally became a grandma she revealed some new qualities within herself.

Behold! The change of real love! This pretty little bear was handmade by honored architect and blah blah blah… by super mother and remarkable grandmother.


Grandmas are made to love!


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