How girl with Prosthetic leg destroys stereotypes

We live in the world where appearance plays a vital role in person’s life. We live in the world of super models and super high standards.

Our life is ruled by stereotyped “beauty”. Everything, starting from clothes and ending with dolls is made under one unified conception of beauty.

But unfortunately (or fortunately) we are far from identical. And we are far from “perfect”.

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That moments when we see our diversity celebrated – is priceless! Because our diversity – makes us who we are! The ability to be yourself. This is what defines us.

Little Emma gets a doll with prosthetic leg bursts into tears of joy and exclaims:

It’s got a leg like me!

Yes! Dear Emma! It has a leg like you! And it is BEAUTIFUL! So as you!

Thank you for reminding us, where real beauty is.

There is no limit to what you can achieve. In fact, you are even more free than most of the people in this world. You are free of stereotypes. You are able to see real beauty, hidden behind the “perfect” appearance.

This is a gift worthy being cherished.

No matter how many times we watch the video – we cry every single time!

Thank you, Emma!

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